Time magazine pins blame on India for Mumbai Massacre

November 29, 2008

According to Time magazine, the massacre of Indians in Mumbai is because of muslim insecurity. India’s Muslims in Crisis says that Islamic terrorism in India has its roots in the first war of Indian independence in 1857 when Islamic rule in India was dismantled. Some 800 million Hindus are an inconvenient presence and are to blame for not allowing glorious Islamic rule to unite India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as one whole. So one solution for ending Islamic terror is to bend and submit to it. Dead or converted Hindus are a possible answer to solve the problem of Islamic rage as per Time magazine. Inability of muslims to get along, progress and prosper in a pluralistic society is simply because Hindus have an ability to prosper under the most trying circumstances, and clawed themselves out of the hole even under brutal British rule.

So according to the west, when it gets mauled by muslim terrorists, jihad and brainwashing by the Quran are to blame. However when Hindus get slaughtered, they simply were asking for it.

Hindus who look to the west better realize this much… We are all alone in this fight and will be deceiving ourselves if we expect the slightest iota of help from whitemen. To the islamic/Western/White world, Hindus are at the bottom of the pecking order.


BJP should dump the Anna movement

October 10, 2011

Prashant Bhushan made an outrageous statement on Arnab Goswami’s program on Times Now today by saying that they would welcome support from the BJP and RSS even though they were communal. Team Anna is basically a group of rabble rouse leftists  — the kind if in power, that would ensure that their ego-centric leftist ideologies trump development and progress with a myriad of “intellectual” arguments to supposedly back them up. If the likes of Prashant Bhushan ever had the opportunity to run this country they would ensure that the country remained poor and hooked to handouts from the World Bank/Ford Foundation. The Magsaysay award is indeed precisely reserved for such worthies.  I would predict that if they start tasting success, this movement would begin to look like what we had seen with say V.P Singh — seemingly clean at the outset but would later progress to some bizarre pet cause of their liking.

The JP movement against the dictatorial Indira Gandhi succeeded only with the support of the RSS and the Jan Sangh. If the BJP has the slightest iota of self respect they should ask Prashant to apologize else leave him and his team of opinionated limelight seekers to grind to dust. Even if the BJP helps them out, they will be dumped in the end and there will not be even the hint of a bare nod of gratitude as is evident right now. Far from it, it is likely that the Lok Pal bodies will be loaded with the likes of Prashant Bhushan and Santosh Hegde which would happily hunt the BJP down and bask in the limelight. They do not really simply appreciate fundamental good from wherever it may come but really constantly seek to further their pet causes while pandering to pop political correctness no matter how absurd their basis. Team Anna better clarify what their view of the BJP ideology really is before it can be lent support by the BJP. But given the lack of realpolitik on the part of the B JP leadership at the center I think the BJP will be used and discarded by the likes of Team Anna.

Shekhar Gupta lauds intelligent politics of Congress party

September 18, 2007

Since the Congress party is Shekhar “Shoe-Shine” Gupta’s source of inspiration and bread and butter, Gupta praises the “intelligent” politics of the party in Sunday’s editorial titled ‘Faithfully Secular’. Gupta does not think that the Sethusamudram affidavit from the Congress is downright destructive and divisive politics,  but rather manages to praise the party in the face of utter gloom. An excerpt from Gupta in this editorial:

The Congress’s course correction is therefore evidence that the party may be finally learning some of the lessons from its own past. As our columnist argues, state secularism — as it has been conceived in India and in other parts of the world — isn’t constructed to interrogate faith but merely to show equal respect to every faith within the country. It could even be argued that a more rigid definition of secularism may have seen the collapse of the secular state as we know it in India. So finally Union Law Minister Hans Raj Bhardwaj got to see the light, with some elbow from the Congress president.

Gupta of course being a secular existentialist does not have the mental fortitude or depth needed for objective assessment. Given Gupta’s past track record, a more rigid definition of secularism quite surely means the complete stripping of Hindu cultural heritage and a further strengthening of the Islamo-Christist-Commie nexus. Also note that while the affidavit quite surely is Sonia’s mastermind, Gupta cleverly passes the blame to Bharadwaj and instead gives credit to Sonia for “intelligent politics”. Is the Indian Express a mere Congress mouthpiece, readers want to know.

Psychology behind the US-India N-deal

September 5, 2007

The amount of ignorance on the deal is so enormous that is recently had the likes of KPS Gill backing it. Since the left started opposing it, even nationalist Indians have started backing the deal merely for the sake of opposing the Left. The left’s problem is not with the deal because they would actually love a weakened India, but they want to preferably be weakened by the Chinese and be answerable to them and not the Americans. But at least their opposition may have the desirable effect of scuttling this one sided deal — the right result for the wrong reasons.

Those whose responsibility it is to separate the wheat from the chaff and lay at rest the fears and doubts of the people — namely the GOI, actually thrives on the confusion. There is yet to be any kind of a detailed statement that allays the doubts of those concerned about the issue, the kind that should come from the scientists currently in power at the AEC but they are strangely mute, either making half statements or completely silent.

Some retired scientists make some noise but their concerns are drowned out in the overall din from the downright stupid Indian English paper columnists who bat for the deal only because “Doctor” Manmohan Singh has propounded it, and are at home relating with the west in a master-slave relationship. Had this deal been from the NDA , the likes of Shekhar Gupta and N. Ram would have walked shoulder-in-arms with the Yechuris and Karats .

The comparison of this deal with China is sheer naivete because China is a recognized nuke state. China is a country which will happily sign any treaty and flout it blatantly as it did with MTCR and as it happily proliferates “WMD’s” to the Pakis and the North Koreans. China sells arms to the whole wide world. Yeah, if we were willing to be even a fraction like the Chinese, I say go ahead and sign any goddamn deal.

It is the “Bhadralok” factor in even the most nationalistic Indians that makes them believe that if it means dealing with the US, it ought to be great, after all isn’t the US the ground zero of freedom, innovation, invention and all those good things. In reality even a cursory scrutiny of US foreign policy reveals a policy based on a brutal disregard for human lives, terrible comprehension of local cultural values, and a penchant for dictators who provide a single point of control and are easily managed.

Many of these otherwise nationalistic Indians who are for the deal also applauded the disastrous US invasion of Iraq, although their own knowledge of history told them repeatedly that the real devil was their neighbor, hoping that somehow in the fine print of the war, there was a magic recipe which would devastate Islam. Nothing of that sort has happend after all, we see finally.

The current dispensation in New Delhi has provided the Christian West a rare opportunity to cap, rollback and eliminate the indigeneous Indian N-program. The Christian west finds it unfathomable for brown skinned pagan Hindu Indians to be playing around with dangerous things like nukes which are the rightful possession of only Whites, Jews and grudgingly perhaps the Chinese. The Christian Sonia administration has given them the rare opportunity to the snare the one nuclear puppy that has eluded them all along — the Indians.

While the Indians are busy relying on verbal calisthenics trying to make the deal look good while common sense suggests otherwise, to the Yanks its all pretty clear.They have said that we will emasculate you and also throw some breadcrumbs of electric power along the way. Thats the way the Hyde Act and this 123 nautanki reads. But the confused Indian psyche relies on its deeply ingrained Bhadralok factor and gets excited by the very prospect of embarking on a major bhai-bhai adventure with the US, although the deal does not make sense on the face of it, hoping that the fine print will magically take care of it all.

The Yanks see a burgeoning potential giant acting like a lamb insisting on being led to slaughter and so calls it a “special country” and also condescendingly promises to make it a “great” country.


Paki or Bangla terror only possible with local muslim suport

August 26, 2007

The twin blasts in Hyderabad are being conveniently blamed on the Banglas. Blaming Bangladesh is the latest trend, with the usual suspects having always been the crown jewel of terror — the Pakis. In reality it is the local muslim support that makes it possible for their remote masters to carry it out, if at all there are remote masters. This was the same in J&K where the mythical “Kashmiriyat” was completely missing when the Hindus were driven out en masse. Given the right conditions, the Indian muslim is no less a terrorist. After all isn’t Pakistan a country created by Indian muslims and today is at the crest of world terror?

All this boasting of “No Indian muslim in Al Qaeda” is quite dishonest actually. Where muslim anger (which gets recharged every Friday) has had a local outlet against the Kafirs next door, the international angle is not so apparent. Indian muslims have been happy in harassing the local Hindu Kafirs while the shadowy entity called “Al Qaeda” that the west refers to, consists mostly of exclusively muslim countries which have to go out in search of the Kafir.

Without India delivering quick justice to local Indian muslim supporters whether they include muslim women, teens or grannies, Hindus will continue to be shredded to bits.

Gen Malik confused by 123 Agreement

August 21, 2007

Shekhar Gupta who holds the honorary title of chamcha-in-chief of Manmohan Singh will print any article that supports the deal, however shaky the argument. Looks like Gen Malik did not read the 123 agreement carefully enough or wants to convince himself that the deal is good and hence has to rely on the “fine print”. The intricacies of any deal which involves India’s national security should not be dependent on the dexterous use of the English language or “fine print” as in Gen Malik’s words. Rather it should be plain and simple and straightforward to understand. In reality it is pretty straightforward as the yanks see it but the confused Indian mind insists on obfuscating it to see light where there is none.

The 123 agreement contrary to Maliks confused analysis, does say that reprocessed fuel will have to be used in new separately built govt plants which are again to be under international safeguards. So where is the fuel for the weapons going to come from? Also when he says “When India blasted its way out of nuclear ambiguity on May 11,1998, causing a major setback to non-proliferation, the US reaction was immediate and severe.”, it almost seems like the General is blaming India for being a proliferator while all it did was test its own weapons for the 2nd time.

Also does Malik not remember that Indian has been struggling with spent fuel from Taprapur for decades since the Carter administration rewrote its laws and refused reprocessing rights. When push comes to shove, countries like U.S will pretty much do whatever necessary including trashing any treaties if needed.

All these analyses look like a case of either plain naivete in understanding history and the psychology of nations or perhaps “eyes wide shut”.

The Indian commies are angry with the N-deal because although they welcome a weakened India, they would like to be shoe shiners for the Chinese rather than the Americans.

The deal is going to be disastrous for India as its real objective is to cap, rollback and eliminate the indigenous Indian N-weapons program. The deal is basically a simplified version of that other revulsive document called the Hyde act. No reprocessing rights, no right to test, permanent IAEA safeguards and stringent international checks and hence interference in Indian affairs, that is the stuff of which the 123 agreement is made. Many argue that the US wants India to be a counterweight to China. This is pure bunkum because if that were the objective, the yanks would not be trying to weaken the Indian weapons program and also they would not be bolstering the Pakis with state of the art weaponry and ignoring the Paki nuclear Walmart with a wink and a nod. The truth is that the yanks have always viewed the Indians with suspicion and always will and now there is a willing player in the Sonia Gandhi govt which would like to make India permanently subservient to the Christian west.

Hindustan Times outsources editorial space to communists

August 5, 2007

CPI mafiosi Sitram Yechuri today wrote an editorial for the Hindustan Times, which also raises the question, how a paper like the HT gets plain brute thugs to writes its editorials, not just oped’s mind you but editorials which reveal the central ideology of a paper. The editorial titled “Terror has no religion” in the Hindustan Times says that any system which finds muslims guilty are inherently flawed. Indian communists are a special breed, though supposedly professing a Godless existentialist ideology — they bend over for Muslims and Christians while reserving their hatred only for the “superstitious” idol worshipping Hindus. However in the following lines Yechuri does get something right:

“It needs to be repeated ad nauseam that terrorism cannot be associated with any one religion. Terrorism is a crime against humanity that needs to be erased. But this cannot be done by targeting any one specific community as this, apart from being patently unjust, can only be counterproductive by creating the atmosphere that breeds terrorism’s recruits. Mainstream Hindi cinema (such as Fiza) has reflected the disastrous consequences of such discrimination and harassment.”

The above is right in that terrorism is not restricted to only Islam but also practised by his other co-ideologists – Christists and Commies. Also note another gem from Yechuri which is kind of a mantra with the pseudo-liberal crowd in India namely punishing Islamic terrorists is a strict no-no as they in turn instead of moderating their bloodthirsty philosophy and self introspecting and becoming more humane, simply seek to get eliminate those who disagree with their notion of society. So as per Yechuri, the best way to deal with Muslims is to indulge them in their vision of a global Ummah.

Barkha Dutt doing secular double duty

July 24, 2007

NDTV’s Barkha apparently seems to be overloaded with secular responsibilites, and so whatever little rational thinking she might have possessed seems to have deserted her while penning an editorial for Hindustan Times.  In an editorial titled “Haneef: India’s hypocrisy” Barkha Dutt says:

“But, in a case eerily similar to Haneef’s, didn’t our investigating agencies almost put an innocent man on death row? The special Pota court trying the case in its early stages convicted a Delhi-based college teacher along with the other accused and sentenced him to death. The entire case against Professor S.A.R. Geelani was based on the fact that he had some telephonic contact with the prime accused in the days before the attack. It was left to the Supreme Court to conclusively throw out the case against the professor and acquit him of all charges. But even today, intelligence officials and investigating officers insist that their case against him was foolproof and they had been let down by the courts. I don’t remember any public outrage defining the national response to the Professor Geelani case. If anything most people seemed willing to believe the police and were impatient and dismissive of the do-gooder human rights activists campaigning for his release.”

This is secular logic at its best. Barkha Dutt lauds the Supreme Court throwing out the case against “Profesor” Geelani, while in the same paragraph, conveniently and blatantly forgetting that the same court handed Afzal Guru his death sentence and cleverly shifting the blame to the investigative agencies instead. Does Dutt take her readers to be imbeciles with such ridiculously low journalistic standards? As per secular logic, the court is right when its acquits muslim terror while a conviction is justice gone awry!

Bangalore’s radical mosques — where are they?

July 15, 2007

So the terrorist Ahmed brothers of Bangalore came from the TeJ or Tabligh-e-Jamaat terror school. TeJ is the common strand behind the London bombings, the 7/11 Mumbai train bombings and now the failed car bombings in Britain. While report after report — Why Tabligh men answer terror call or Bangalore Cleric tells how Kafeel and Sabeel changed , talks about the radical mosques in Bangalore, not one tells me which are these mosques specifically, where they are located and what is being done about them, as perhaps that would hurt precious Islamic feelings, at least thats the prevailing understanding of our buddhi-jeevis like Shekhar Gupta and Vir Sanghvi. Also bare preservation of national interests by rooting out terror mongering beardie’s and mullahs might make their mothers cry and that makes our PM an insomniac, so thats a no-no. Can anyone name the location of some of these TeJ mosques in Bangalore? Can our in-house “liberal” intellectuals call for a stringent examination of these terror houses or is their anger reserved only for the Sangh?

Manmohan Singh’s selective insomnia

July 9, 2007

In a previous blog titled “Manmohan Singh bats for the Pakis” this writer had said “Singh is also reported to have said that he could not sleep at night when he saw the mothers of the Indian muslim terrorists being given a hard time, because after all Indian Muslims are Singh’s favorite constituency who are above law and deserve special treatment. Singh has never reported to have sleepless nights when innocent Indians are ripped and shredded by his muslim bhais both from within the country and from the rapists across the border.”

Now a week later, Tavleen Singh is asking exactly the same question in an article titled : ‘7/11: Why didn’t PM lose sleep?’

An excerpt:

‘When he made his visit to Mumbai after the July 11 bombings last year, many noticed that he exhibited no emotion. “He could have been taking a walk in Lodhi Gardens for all the emotion he showed,” a friend from Mumbai commented bitterly.’